Enumclaw Featured On New Mixtape From Arthur Magazine


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The kind heads at Arthur Magazine have featured the track “Harmonic Convergence” by Enumclaw on their new mixtape, Blackout!  So says Arthur…

Arthur’s new 49-minute mixtape, specially designed to accompany (or simulate) a human-plant interaction, is now available as a digital download, featuring a high resolution JPG of the Arik Roper artwork (above), some additional art and text, and the following sequence of songs, as selected by Arthur editor Jay Babcock and sewn together by engineer/mixer Bobby Tamkin:

1. MOON DUO “Into the Trees” (from the Escape LP on Woodsist)
2. WHITE HILLS “Three Quarters” (from the White Hills LP on Thrill Jockey)
3. WHITE NOISE SOUND “Sunset” (from the White Noise Sound LP on Alive Naturalsound)
4. LORDS OF FALCONRY “Osiron” (from Lords of Falconry on Holy Mountain)
5. ENDLESS BOOGIE “Pack Your Bags” (from the Full House Head LP on No Quarter)
6. MASTERS OF REALITY “Johnny’s Dream” (from the Pine/Cross’d Over LP)
7. MESSAGES “Tambura” (from the After Before LP on De Stijl)
8. ENUMCLAW “Harmonic Convergence” (from the Opening of the Dawn LP)

Pay what thou wilt, starting at $4.20. All proceeds go towards keeping the Arthur community garden alive through the fall season. Details here, travelers: BLACKOUT—Arthur’s new 49-minute mixtape digital download


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Enumclaw Live 04/08/10

Live 04 08 10 by Enumclaw

Recorded by Sam Cusumano

Enumclaw review

Nice review of the Enumclaw LP from the kind heads at Terrascope!


New Niagara Falls

Annapurna Illusion vs. Niagara Falls

Just in time for the changing of the seasons, we bring to you some heavy new tunes from Niagara Falls. This is a split CDR with Annapurna Illusion which has been released by the excellent German label, Amid The Waves.

Niagara has two long-form tracks on this limited edition, hand-made release.  Housed in deluxe gatefold, chipboard dvd style packaging with color insert.  We only have a few of these, so grab em while they’re hot. You know, in the Shop.

Niagara Falls Live on WPRB

photo by Dan Cohoon

photo by Dan Cohoon

Niagara was pleased to be a part of WPRB’s annual membership drive. We threw down a heavy set, gave away some records, and hopefully added some cash to the coffers of an incredible radio station. Thanks to DJ Lance Loud for hosting us, and to the ever amazing John Solomon for his gracious engineering.

Set List:


Sequence Of Prophets Part 1

Nibiru Occult

Sequence Of Prophets Part 2

Illuminated Atlas

Download the .zip file here.

Opening Of The Dawn

Opening of the Pre-Orders


Alright now.  The new Enumclaw LP, Opening Of The Dawn, is almost here.  We’re celebrating this “almostness” by accepting pre-orders for this slab of wax.  These tracks are perfect transitional pieces.  Summer into Autumn, awake into sleep, square into circle.  This album has been a looong time coming, and we’re very jazzed for it’s birth into the world.

Once again, Apollo Audio will be serving your free mp3 download needs.  Each record comes with one free download of the mp3 version.  Please head over to the Shoppe, to procure one for yourself or a loved one.  Orders will ship on 9/22/09 .

New Enumclaw Vid

First video for the upcoming Enumclaw record, Opening Of The Dawn.  We’re doing this one on vinyl with free mp3 downloads.  Pre-ordering coming soon.