The Antique Barking Swirls of Dawn

golden ball the antique barking swirls of dawn
We are oh so very pleased to present to you The Antique Barking Swirls of Dawn, by Golden Ball. As always, ye shoppe is the place to get some. says…”Folk rock anthems that are mighty and higher than you’d have imagined. Bits and pieces of abstract neurotically precise percussion are dangled out throughout Golden Ball’s fantastic follow-up to their “The Luxury of Pause”. This is good music for good music’s sake.”

Ok? The good Lord Whimsy had this to say…

    “Simultaneously eerie, antic, and intimate, this cryptic, absurdist psychedelia cracks open the modest to find the epic–singing anthems that bring to mind the bizarre microcosms all around us. Sounds bloom, quiver, shrivel, break apart. Orchid totems are proudly planted atop the summits of anthills, and matchbook boats with maple leaf sails set off for the Arctic Circle…”


We’ll be celebrating the release at Johnny Brenda’s on March 24th with the righteous dudes of Sorted! We recommend purchasing yrself an advanced ticket.

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