10 outa 10

Sweet new review of the Niagara Falls / Clear Spots split from Erica Rucker at Foxy Digitalis…

“Whose idea was it to take ambient music past ambient and into a less Yanni, more “drone” sound? Where can I sign up to thank them? The Niagara Falls split release with The Clear Spots is reason enough to do so. Niagara tends to find its groove pretty early and settle into it. However unlike some artists who find that groove and beat you with it, Niagara never does. The other things going on keep everything fresh and interesting enough. “Play Spiral Isles” is exactly enough and never too much or too little. The air/space in the songs is quite welcome. On “Notochord” the hollow sound of the chimes immediately transports the listener somewhere breezy and tropical, at times tribal. There is also something almost classical in the presentations of their songs. Perhaps the song structure; the way certain elements are used as refrains, or as a sort of foundation a la Canon style.”

Full review HERE

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