Honeymoon on Honeymoon

Have you noticed that things have been slow around here lately?  I have.  But we have good reason, really.  Heather and I are getting married!  It’s happening about 215 hours from now, and I really hope we figure out whose making all the pies for dessert.  And after this finale of the summer of 2008, Honeymoon will be honeymooning.  We will be far away from computers, and mice, and itunes, spam. We promise to come home with mad stories and ecstatic images.  We also promise to jump start the magic around here when we return.  

Look for more info on the upcoming Niagara Falls full length, and other aural treats.  Maybe something new from Chris Bozzone, and this Enumclaw record is waiting patiently for its final coat of wax. Any orders placed won’t ship until September 28th, so mark yr ical.  We love you and hope yr summer’s been beautiful. 

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