Barbie Vader

Killer afternoon BBQ style show this weekend, featuring Sam of Niagara Falls performing as his alter-ego, PileofGirls.
From the desk of Sam:
“I have custom crafted a Barbie Keytar expressedly for this performance.  Sing along with the Speak and Spell as we embark on ‘Say It! Level 4′ (video feed provided live on Lyds big screen TV!).  Listen as I proclaim my undying love to each of you individually!  Strap in tight as I boldly explore ‘Our Solar System’.  Taste the blood of dying gods as I coax the most horrible sounds from delicate childrens toys!  Featuring Special Guests!  Prizes and Surprizes! Live Production Hard Core Booty Dance Party!! You have to experience this shit to believe it! Holy the fuck yeah!”

Sunday April 19, 2009


1219 Marlboro St. Philadelphia, PA 19125
3pm BBQ
4pm Showtime

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