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Two Items of Note

1. Great in-depth interview with our own Chris Bozzone at the French site In-Tension right here.
2. Just added to the Distro
adam bugaj wave of tears
Wave of Tears, by Adam Bugaj. This one’s released by the great men at Deep Water Acres.

Adam Bugaj sometimes plays lysergic barn rock with the Clear Spots, other times vaporizes neurons with Peacefeather, but more than either he’s a bedroom studio Dr. Moreau, toiling away in his attic laboratory to bring us fragmentary new sonic life forms. If the medium is the message, this is definitely speaking in tongues: flashes of recognizable elements float by — ghosts of Wilson/Parks sketches, malfunctioning electronica, lo-fi psychedelia, tape hiss and machine hum and the click of the edit button –then fly off in mid-sentence just as their import begins to clarify. This is what it would feel like if Daylight Savings Time happened every day. (

Honeymoon Music & Thrilladelphia

honeymoon music showcase
We’d love to spend the evening with you!

Chris Bozzone is Here

chris bozzone horizons of death
Chris Bozzone’s new cd, Horizons of Death is now available to the world.
Here’s At the Ebb of the Tide for your sampling enjoyment.
You can get the whole package, where? Yes, in the shop.

Welcome Chris Bozzone

We are pleased to welcome Chris Bozzone to the Honeymoon Music family. Chris has been a long time DJ at WPRB 103.3 from Princeton, NJ, and has two self-released albums under his belt which are available for download at Woven Wheat Whispers. He’s just finished recording his debut cd for us. Horizons of Death will be released this April, and features Tara Burke (of Fursaxa) and Sarada (of Stone Breath) adding vocals, and Jennifer Lee (of Niagara Falls) adding violin.

Delicious Memories

fishtown cicada festival

Wow, the show on the 19th was lovely lovely. The bathroom didn’t even get dirty. Go Philly! Go Team Human. Anyone who has photos to share, please email them to us. Niagara Falls pleased hearts and ears, Fursaxa reached far inside as usual. Meeting and hearing Chris Bozzone, Jonah Schwartz, and the Antiques was a treat. Smoke was seen coming off of Carbonara’s fingers, and Sharron smiled all day long. Mr. Sam Cusumano had his hands all over the faders. Matt Osborn’s videos were hillarious. Charles Cohen melted for the vodka smoothies; everyone loved the butlered Rebel Yell and ice cream sandwiches, John Hall flipped 50 veggie burgers (ate 9), many stolen hearts reported. Rebecca poured 200 beers. Props to Yards for their brew support, and the Phila Po-Leese for busting other suckers instead of us. Word to the southern belle and to Kate for her fabulous tree creature sculptures, and to everyone else for being so great.

all photos by John Cavanagh, thanks John!

niagara falls
sharron kraus
eric carbonara