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Enumclaw Featured On New Mixtape From Arthur Magazine


The kind heads at Arthur Magazine have featured the track “Harmonic Convergence” by Enumclaw on their new mixtape, Blackout!  So says Arthur…

Arthur’s new 49-minute mixtape, specially designed to accompany (or simulate) a human-plant interaction, is now available as a digital download, featuring a high resolution JPG of the Arik Roper artwork (above), some additional art and text, and the following sequence of songs, as selected by Arthur editor Jay Babcock and sewn together by engineer/mixer Bobby Tamkin:

1. MOON DUO “Into the Trees” (from the Escape LP on Woodsist)
2. WHITE HILLS “Three Quarters” (from the White Hills LP on Thrill Jockey)
3. WHITE NOISE SOUND “Sunset” (from the White Noise Sound LP on Alive Naturalsound)
4. LORDS OF FALCONRY “Osiron” (from Lords of Falconry on Holy Mountain)
5. ENDLESS BOOGIE “Pack Your Bags” (from the Full House Head LP on No Quarter)
6. MASTERS OF REALITY “Johnny’s Dream” (from the Pine/Cross’d Over LP)
7. MESSAGES “Tambura” (from the After Before LP on De Stijl)
8. ENUMCLAW “Harmonic Convergence” (from the Opening of the Dawn LP)

Pay what thou wilt, starting at $4.20. All proceeds go towards keeping the Arthur community garden alive through the fall season. Details here, travelers: BLACKOUT—Arthur’s new 49-minute mixtape digital download

Enumclaw Live 04/08/10

Live 04 08 10 by Enumclaw

Recorded by Sam Cusumano

Enumclaw review

Nice review of the Enumclaw LP from the kind heads at Terrascope!


Opening Of The Dawn

Opening of the Pre-Orders


Alright now.  The new Enumclaw LP, Opening Of The Dawn, is almost here.  We’re celebrating this “almostness” by accepting pre-orders for this slab of wax.  These tracks are perfect transitional pieces.  Summer into Autumn, awake into sleep, square into circle.  This album has been a looong time coming, and we’re very jazzed for it’s birth into the world.

Once again, Apollo Audio will be serving your free mp3 download needs.  Each record comes with one free download of the mp3 version.  Please head over to the Shoppe, to procure one for yourself or a loved one.  Orders will ship on 9/22/09 .

New Enumclaw Vid

First video for the upcoming Enumclaw record, Opening Of The Dawn.  We’re doing this one on vinyl with free mp3 downloads.  Pre-ordering coming soon.  


Is it nu-age?

Fire Museum Presents: The Alliance Tour 
Sunday, March 15th 8pm $5
Brickbat Books
709 South Fourth Street Philadelphia, PA

Stellar OM Source (Holland)  Washes of electronic waveforms toss you to and fro, beyond and back, over and yonder. The concoction perhaps recalls your favorite kosmiche stew of yore, but all the ingredients are now. Christelle Gualdi is Stellar Om Source. After some really great collaborations with members of NNCK, Tony Conrad, Thurston Moore, Embryo, The Skaters, Kuupuu and Uton, she’s undertaking a short solo tour of the east coast to celebrate her most recent solo record on Black Dirt Records.

Infinity Window (Brooklyn) duo of Taylor Richardson (Prehistoric Blackout/Sunburned Hand Of The Man/Purple Haze) and Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never)  “Well beyond ‘mere’ drone/loop automating, this is deeply focused, sensual tone float that combines the most mind-altering new age specifics with Industrial grime and sensual dream logic. Beautiful and highly recommended.” -Volcanic Tongue

Mark McGuire (Cleveland)  ”Solo guitar and tapes from Mark McGuire of Emeralds in a heavy minimalist proto-Europe Endless/Kraftwerk style, with delayed arpeggio guitar chopped into melancholy metronomic waves that provide a beautiful backwards transport. Some of the guitar playing reflects on such classy F/X inflected moments as Cul De Sac’s “Doldrums” but there’s also a weird, UK folk aspect that would join the dots between Flying Saucer Attack and Nick Drake.” –We Are Up for Sale

Enumclaw (Philadelphia)  Kicking off the jams this evening is Fishtown’s pride and joy, Enumclaw (aka Norman Fetter of Niagara Falls). This is some of the toastiest mind-melt you’ll come across, show up “fashionably late” to this one and you’ll be taunted over missing such sonic sorcery.

Enumclaw @ Khyber

Khyber, oh Khyber, what fond memories were formed within you.  We saw Sunburned Hand of the Man with about 15 other people in you.  Ghost blew our minds in you.  We saw Espers before the world saw Espers.  Hey friends, come join us for an evening of tunes at this mythic club, 56 S. 2nd St. in Old City Philadelphia, this Saturday January 10th.  Enumclaw will be vibing the stage with The SEA Trio, Dan Malloy and Gina Ferrera.  If you ask, I might sneak you a promo cd of the new Niagara Falls record….oh….

NYE 2008

nye2008-copy-194x300Ok, really, so what are you doing for New Year’s Eve?  We’ll be in NYC and you should be too.  Enumclaw will be playing a full-club farewell to the Leonard St. Knitting Factory before they up and move to Brooklyn!  The night is being curated by the rad dudes of Akron Family, who will also be playing the main stage with Deerhoof, The Dirty Projectors, Deer Tick and Megafaun, and others.  Right on.  

Enumclaw will be vibing downstairs in the old office, which will be transformed into an ambient drone zone.

More info, tickets and full line up at The Knitting Factory.

June 28, 2008 @ The Compound

united bible studies
Saturday June 28, 2008, 8pm
Honeymoon Compound

2033 Frankford Ave. Phila, PA
enter around the back….2032 Sepviva St.
$8 suggested donation
The entrancing psych/folk/improv of the United Bible Studies collective shows equal love for the unadorned beauty of Shirley Collins and Vashti Bunyan, the electrifried takes of the Incredible String Band, and the darker work of Current 93 and Coil. Sparse folk mixes with a melodic take on free improv, and tales of loss and pagan longing abound. They’ve released 10 albums on labels like Ruralfaune, Barl Fire, Foxglove, and their own Deserted Village. This tour will be their first live appearances in the US.
Twisted folk songs for the new millennium. Her own compositions stand tall beside age-old traditionals from England and Appalachia, and she performs both with a total mastery of the form. Since 2001 she has released five albums on Durtro Jnana, Bo’ Weavil, and Camera Obscura, and has toured extensively in the UK and USA.
New solo project from Norm Fetter of Niagara Falls, and formerly of Golden Ball, mixes free electronic improv with field recordings and live sampling. Deep meditative vibes.
New collaboration between Geoff Bucknam and Rosali Middleman.