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Enumclaw @ The Coffin Factory


Coming out of hibernation to lay the vibes down thick.  Please join us. 

Winter Renovations et Enumclaw vids

Deep in the process of some retooling around here. Hopefully adding some features, deleting the lame ones. It’s all happening very much in real time, which means you can expect non-fatal accidents, gaper delays, and errors of all kinds, as a result of my limited css, etc knowledge. The site’s been hibernating a bit, and so have we, but promise to get back in the saddle soon. Oh, I found these Enumclaw vids for yr pretty eyes. Will you enjoy them, please?

Enumclaw from Mark Schoneveld on Vimeo.

Enumclaw Live from Mark Schoneveld on Vimeo.

Fantastic Voyagers

Mr. Mike Tamburo is throwing a festival, and you’re all invited. Two big days, over twenty performers. I’m really psyched for this one, and for a beautiful drive from Philly to PBurgh, with the air having that perfect amount of late October crispness. Leave it to Mike to curate a festival solely of solo performers, and he’s put together a rad line up. Many cats here that I’ve heard about, but have yet to see live. Thanks Mike!

October 20 and 21 at
518 Foreland Ave. (North Side) Pittsburgh, PA
3PM both days. $10 per day or $15 for both days.
Approximately 25-30 minutes for each performance.


Saturday, October 20

R. Keenan Lawler – Louisville, KY
Nick Schillace – Detroit, MI
Michael Johnsen – Pittsburgh, PA
Enumclaw – Philadelphia, PA
Marichal – Pittsburgh, PA
Dissappearo – Richmond, KY
Layne Garrett – Washington D.C.
Pete Spynda – Pittsburgh, PA
Alexai Plotnicov – Pittsburgh, PA
Anup Kishore Pradhan – Baltimore, MD
David Bernabo – Pittsburgh, PA
Michael Cosentino - Pittsburgh, PA
Josh Beyer – Pittsburgh, PA
Josephy – Pittsburgh, PA


Sunday, October 21

Mike Tamburo – Pittsburgh, PA
Eric Carbonara – Philadelphia, PA
Ken Camden – Chicago, IL
Tusk Lord – Pittsburgh, PA
Dave Kuzy – Pittsburgh, PA
Matt Mcdowell – Portland, OR
Adam MacGregor – Pittsburgh, PA
Hunted Creatures – Pittsburgh, PA
Noctuelles – Pittsburgh, PA
Jim Lingo – Pittsburgh, PA
Brad Heiple – Pittsburgh, PA
The Instances – Pittsburgh, PA
Ian Bonnet – Pittsburgh, PA