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Palimpsest Piles up Deeply

projections by splendor solis
Happy new year lovers, and sincere wishes for a prosperous 2008 to you all! In lieu of making a “Best of 2007″ list, I’ve been involved in a mass copying and pasting ritual here on the Honeymoon site. Going back through all the old news posts from before we were all up in the web 2.0 business is bringing back some deep, vintage memories. I’m still looking for the news items from June 2004- November 2005, but here are some choice entries from what’s been unearthed so far.

Shows of Notes

Friday July 20th:
8pm The Compound, 2037 Frankford Ave. Phila, PA
$5 donation, BYOB


Saturday July 21st:
11am, Diamond Days Fest @ The Church of the Messiah (129 Russell between Nassau and Drigggs) Brooklyn, NY.
Full line up on the myspace page

    GOLDEN BALL hits at 6:30pm
    WOODWOSE at 3pm

    other highlights include, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Plastic Crimewave Expanse, and La Otracina


Sunday July 22nd:
9pm Johnny Brendas, Phila, PA

The Ball Rolls On…

Less talk, more rock

With Moondog

Chronic Town

Vans Named After Animals

In a Van called The Galaxy Squirrel

Ooh, new Golden Ball shows! Is there one in your town? Five people, four guitars, two keyboards, one drum kit, two pair of shoes (one brown, one black), one bass, one tent, all inside of the humble van, named Galaxy Squirrel. See the schedule below, and keep yr browser pointed here for wild video blogging action from the road with David, Gillian, Sarah, Julius, and Gnorman.

4/19 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Lava Lounge
4/20 - State College, PA @ Chronic Town
4/22 - Oberlin , OH @ Dionysus Night Club
4/24 - Boston, MA @ PA’s Lounge
4/25 - Providence, RI @ AS220
4/28 - New Paltz, NY @ Rug Room
4/29 - New York, NY @ Piano’s
4/30 - Washington DC @ The Red and The Black
5/1 - Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar


Do you all know about this Philly Popped experience??? It’s a weeklong Philly-centric music festival happening all over town, April 9th-15th. Of all the Philadelphia based “festivals” that we’ve seen, this one is definitely the top-a-most of the pop-a-most. With sophomore album released, and getting reviews like this one, Golden Ball will be trippin’ down to South Philly, representing the Honeymoon Music family.

    vital show info:

    Thursday April 12th at The Parlor, 1170 South Broad St. 8:00 pm, sharp!. $10 & All ages!

Expect a killer-diller evening with King Kong Ding Dong, The War on Drugs, Fan Of Friends, and Fursaxa, with DJ Mental Feelings spinning throughout the night. Peep the full schedule here, or on theirspace.
Other choice heads performing include Bardo Pond, Make A Rising, The Asteroid #4, Birds of Maya, and, and, and….before I end up re-typing the whole sweet line up, just check it out here.

Hark, The Antique Barking Swirls of Dawn

YES!!!! The new sophomore album from Golden Ball, The Antique Barking Swirls of Dawn is here, now! They are, of course, available in the shop. We’re psyched to be able to offer you a full streaming preview of the album, courtesy of our friends at Philebrity and Apollo Audio. Check it below.

We’ll be celebrating the release at Johnny Brenda’s this fine evening with the righteous dudes of Sorted! The joint gets rolling at 9:30, Golden Ball hits the stage at 10:30. Join us! It’s also the anniversary of Patricio’s birth, so come witness the not so subtle poetics of the dance floor. It is Spring, and we smell some ripe pheromones.