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Enumclaw review

Nice review of the Enumclaw LP from the kind heads at Terrascope!


“for all into meditative music”

Solid new review of the Tathagatta DNA/RNA 2 cdr set over at Foxy Digitalis. Allow me to cut and paste my favorite bits…

Says Peter Taylor of Foxy Digitalis,

“Bubbling electronics and damped sound forge hypnotic noises.”

“Mirages of melodies are dissolved in reverb and white noise.”

“A very hypnotic side with some of the greatest live synth resonance put to CD-R this year.”

“a journey well worth treading and a high recommendation for all into meditative music. 7/10″

Full review here, and you can pick up a copy over in the shop, of course.

“Wonderful Smoke Filled Music”

Winter’s over, if you want it. This has been up for a bit now, but I just noticed some nice words over at ye olde Terrascope Online, about the last Niagara Falls album, “Plays Spiral Isles.” Says the revered website,

“Niagara Falls offer three tracks of wonderful smoke filled music, the second of which ‘Acid Of Ants’ is a tense scuttle of noise that creeps under the skin like that itch you just cannot reach. The third piece ‘Morning Mold’ is a much slower track, the sound of space debris floating endlessly across the universe, to be finally sucked into a dying sun.” 

We thank you very much.

Palimpsest Piles up Deeply

projections by splendor solis
Happy new year lovers, and sincere wishes for a prosperous 2008 to you all! In lieu of making a “Best of 2007″ list, I’ve been involved in a mass copying and pasting ritual here on the Honeymoon site. Going back through all the old news posts from before we were all up in the web 2.0 business is bringing back some deep, vintage memories. I’m still looking for the news items from June 2004- November 2005, but here are some choice entries from what’s been unearthed so far.

The Antique Barking Swirls of Dawn

golden ball the antique barking swirls of dawn
We are oh so very pleased to present to you The Antique Barking Swirls of Dawn, by Golden Ball. As always, ye shoppe is the place to get some. says…”Folk rock anthems that are mighty and higher than you’d have imagined. Bits and pieces of abstract neurotically precise percussion are dangled out throughout Golden Ball’s fantastic follow-up to their “The Luxury of Pause”. This is good music for good music’s sake.”

Ok? The good Lord Whimsy had this to say…

    “Simultaneously eerie, antic, and intimate, this cryptic, absurdist psychedelia cracks open the modest to find the epic–singing anthems that bring to mind the bizarre microcosms all around us. Sounds bloom, quiver, shrivel, break apart. Orchid totems are proudly planted atop the summits of anthills, and matchbook boats with maple leaf sails set off for the Arctic Circle…”


We’ll be celebrating the release at Johnny Brenda’s on March 24th with the righteous dudes of Sorted! We recommend purchasing yrself an advanced ticket.

Niagara Interviewed

niagara falls
Mr. Brad Rose interviewed Niagara Falls through electronic mail, and has posted said interview on his always mind-blowing Foxy Digitalis. Thanks Brad, you are wonderful.

A Piece of the Feather

Summer’s almost gone…Loving new review of Peacefeather on the always poignant Foxy Digitalis.

Two Items of Note

1. Great in-depth interview with our own Chris Bozzone at the French site In-Tension right here.
2. Just added to the Distro
adam bugaj wave of tears
Wave of Tears, by Adam Bugaj. This one’s released by the great men at Deep Water Acres.

Adam Bugaj sometimes plays lysergic barn rock with the Clear Spots, other times vaporizes neurons with Peacefeather, but more than either he’s a bedroom studio Dr. Moreau, toiling away in his attic laboratory to bring us fragmentary new sonic life forms. If the medium is the message, this is definitely speaking in tongues: flashes of recognizable elements float by — ghosts of Wilson/Parks sketches, malfunctioning electronica, lo-fi psychedelia, tape hiss and machine hum and the click of the edit button –then fly off in mid-sentence just as their import begins to clarify. This is what it would feel like if Daylight Savings Time happened every day. (

Kind Words From Beautiful People

Noiseweek on Peacefeather
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Whiskey and Apples

Niagara Falls and Golden Ball were included by the nice folks at Whiskey and Apples on their Winter Compilation, along with Marissa Nadler, Viking Moses, and Peter and the Wolf, and The Casanets. You can check it here.