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New Niagara Falls

Annapurna Illusion vs. Niagara Falls

Just in time for the changing of the seasons, we bring to you some heavy new tunes from Niagara Falls. This is a split CDR with Annapurna Illusion which has been released by the excellent German label, Amid The Waves.

Niagara has two long-form tracks on this limited edition, hand-made release.  Housed in deluxe gatefold, chipboard dvd style packaging with color insert.  We only have a few of these, so grab em while they’re hot. You know, in the Shop.

Opening Of The Dawn

Opening of the Pre-Orders


Alright now.  The new Enumclaw LP, Opening Of The Dawn, is almost here.  We’re celebrating this “almostness” by accepting pre-orders for this slab of wax.  These tracks are perfect transitional pieces.  Summer into Autumn, awake into sleep, square into circle.  This album has been a looong time coming, and we’re very jazzed for it’s birth into the world.

Once again, Apollo Audio will be serving your free mp3 download needs.  Each record comes with one free download of the mp3 version.  Please head over to the Shoppe, to procure one for yourself or a loved one.  Orders will ship on 9/22/09 .

New Enumclaw Vid

First video for the upcoming Enumclaw record, Opening Of The Dawn.  We’re doing this one on vinyl with free mp3 downloads.  Pre-ordering coming soon.  


Album Releasing, Showing

niagara falls

Please join us in an exaltation of being as we officially welcome the new Niagara Falls record, Sequence of Prophets, into the world!  

We are incredibly psyched and humbled to be sharing this celebration with YAHOWHA 13 (first Philly show EVER!)  and the fascinating, ever-morphing entity that is KOHOUTEK.  

Come and  experience the new record, live in its entirety, and pick up some limited edition vinyl to take home.

Wednesday March 25th, 2009


Johnny Brendas 1201 Frankford Ave.
Philadelphia, PA  9pm. $10

Streaming Sequence of Prophets

Courtesy of our friends at Apollo Audio we present to you Sequence of Prophets, by Niagara Falls. Vinyl will be available on February 17, 2009.

Niagara Pre-Orders


Ok family, we’re going to try something new with this upcoming Niagara Falls record.  You can pre-order it right here, and we’ll ship it to you on February 17th.  Sound good?  Great.  Included with this fine piece of vinyl is a coupon for a free digital download, which has been beautifully provided by Apollo Audio.  

We’ll be performing the album in its entirety on March 25th at Johnny Brendas, in Philadelphia.  Joining in the celebration will be the mighty Kohoutek, as well as YahoWha 13, who are on their first tour in a long, long time!  This night is going to be truly amazing.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009  8pm, $10
Johnny Brendas, Philadelphia, PA

YaHoWha 13
Niagara Falls

The State of Niagara

sequence of prophets

Just returned home from the Kensington post office where the new Niagara Falls record, Sequence of Prophets. was shipped off to the plant!  This one’s been a long time coming, and we’re really psyched for it to drop in February 2009.  We’re ditching the compact disc with this one and will be pressing limited edition vinyl with mp3 dowloads.  Our friends at Apollo Audio will be handling the mp3 downloads which will come free with purchase of the vinyl.  

Here’s a sneak peak of the opening track, Flatlands

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

geoff bucknam

We’re also ever so pleased to announce that Geoff Bucknum (of Blood Like Mine) has joined the ever-morphing entity that is Niagara.  Geoff is a master of texture and tone, and will be adding deep layers of organic, electric guitar.   

There is a new-ish Niagara Falls Facebook page, with all the latest gossip.  Come friend us up.

In old Niagara news, a recording that we did over the phone back in 2006 for the radio show Phoning it In, is available on their new site right here, along with a ton of other great live performances.

Obama Victory Sale!

honeymoon music obama victory sale

That’s right, everything in the shop is on sale now! We’ve taken the advice of numerous economic policy advisors whom all agree we should walk together on this path towards a reinvigorated economy.

Well played America, and it’s amazing to be with you at the turn of the tide.

Tathagatta is NOW!


So, so excited for this one! After months of work, we are pleased to bring you this lovely cdr set. Sam and I screened these last weekend, and they really came out beautifully. This is a 2 cdr set. Disc one is titled DNA, disc two is RNA, and both are about one hour each of totalnowhealingdronequarkspiralsynthomness. We think they work well together. The sounds contained herein were recorded as part of the Sweet 69 music marathon which happened last year at Chronic Town in State College, PA. It was an amazing 69 hour continuous music marathon, and Tathagatta played for 10 straight hours!!! I’m serious. Perfect for baby making, and/or yoga.

Pick it up in the Shoppe.

Here are two excerpts again…

Excerpt 2

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Excerpt 4

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Go friend up Tathagatta on Myspace or Virb.