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Enumclaw Live 04/08/10

Live 04 08 10 by Enumclaw

Recorded by Sam Cusumano

Niagara Falls Live on WPRB

photo by Dan Cohoon

photo by Dan Cohoon

Niagara was pleased to be a part of WPRB’s annual membership drive. We threw down a heavy set, gave away some records, and hopefully added some cash to the coffers of an incredible radio station. Thanks to DJ Lance Loud for hosting us, and to the ever amazing John Solomon for his gracious engineering.

Set List:


Sequence Of Prophets Part 1

Nibiru Occult

Sequence Of Prophets Part 2

Illuminated Atlas

Download the .zip file here.

Peter Stampfel and the Ether Frolic Mob


IAN NAGOSKI spinning vintage 78rpm records

2037 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19125

(enter around the back on Sepviva St.)
Suggested donation $5 Bring your own ether and other whatists
Foul weather moves show indoors to the music parlor

This will be the Philadelphia debut of New York City’s PETER STAMPFEL AND THE ETHER FROLIC MOB who, Stampfel promises, will “stick our hands up the ass of American music, grab it by the throat, and pull it inside-out. It’s 21st century 19th century American music played in a vast variety of 20th century styles.” We’d expect nothing less—Mr. Stampfel is a founding member of the Holy Modal Rounders and the Fugs, and Frolicker JOHN COHEN is a founding member of the New City Ramblers. (That’s them in the photo above.) Two sets from the Mobsters, who, tonight, will be:

* Peter Stampfel/ vocals, banjo, fiddle, guitar, ‘juke (steel strung National Steel Ukulele tuned like a banjo), assorted percussion
* Jeannie Scofield/ vocals, percussion
* John Cohen/ vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin
* Hubby Jenkens/ vocals, guitar, percussion, ‘juke, ukelele
* Eli Smith/ vocals, banjo, harmonica, fiddle, ukulele
* Jane Gilday/ vocals, banjo, harmonica, fiddle
* Walker Shepard/ vocals, banjo, guitar, fiddle, ‘juke
* Annabelle Lee/ vocals, guitar, percussion

Get a swig of the Mob via this live performance and interview from 2006 on the Down Home Radio Show

BROTHER JT will be playing a mix of psychedelic spirituals on acoustic guitar, accompanied by Steve Gigante (Dark Inside The Sun).

“For the past twenty years Brother JT has made records that exemplify the ‘freeness’ and dark-green/blood-red hazy warmth of true psychedelia. As a songwriter, he is so proficient that no one takes notice; as a guitar player, he subtly outshines any slinger around (besides the Cheaterslicks’ Dave Shannon) with riffs, leads and solos that are consistently bewildering; as a rock star…well, he was just born for the job, regardless if anyone ever figures it out. He writes one-liner bits of philosophy that are as memorable as those of Yogi Berra, H. L. Mencken, or Will Rogers. JT is, in short, the most hidden of greatest treasures.” —David Katznelson, Arthur No. 8 (available from Arthur store)

Baltimore’s IAN NAGOSKI (compiler of “Black Mirror: Reflections in Global Musics 1918-1954?) will play recordings from the 78 rpm era including pieces from his new collection of music from the first half of the 20th century, “A String of Pearls” (Canary/ Mississippi Records), including music from Constantinople, Milano, Bucharest, Uttar Pradesh, Armenia, Sunda, Thrace, Jamaica, Serbia, Cairo, Huilotita, Seville, Hue, Aleppo, Rajastan, the Carpathians, a Zuni reservation and much more.

Ian on Baltimore public radio, playing and discussing his 78rpm music finds from around world:

6.11.09 & 6.12.09

niagara falls

the compound


Two upcoming Niagara Falls shows that we’d love to see you at…

May 17th, 7pm   Modern Formations Gallery, 4919 Penn Ave.  Pittsburgh, PA

(w/ Psychic Frost, Evening Fires)

May 18th, 7pm   Skylight 307, 307 Market St. 2nd fl.  Philadelphia, PA

(w/ Thinguma*jigSaw, Eric Carbonara)

More info on the shows here, and two new reviews of Sequence of Prophets  just rolled in from Terrascope OnlineTome To The Weather Machine.  Gracias.

Our bros, Free Energy are hosting a show and party at their spot on Friday May 15th.  Booze tricks and party favors!  They’ll throw down a hot, live set, and I’ll be spinning some psych jams as well.  FacebookinitHERE


Barbie Vader

Killer afternoon BBQ style show this weekend, featuring Sam of Niagara Falls performing as his alter-ego, PileofGirls.
From the desk of Sam:
“I have custom crafted a Barbie Keytar expressedly for this performance.  Sing along with the Speak and Spell as we embark on ‘Say It! Level 4′ (video feed provided live on Lyds big screen TV!).  Listen as I proclaim my undying love to each of you individually!  Strap in tight as I boldly explore ‘Our Solar System’.  Taste the blood of dying gods as I coax the most horrible sounds from delicate childrens toys!  Featuring Special Guests!  Prizes and Surprizes! Live Production Hard Core Booty Dance Party!! You have to experience this shit to believe it! Holy the fuck yeah!”

Sunday April 19, 2009


1219 Marlboro St. Philadelphia, PA 19125
3pm BBQ
4pm Showtime

Album Releasing, Showing

niagara falls

Please join us in an exaltation of being as we officially welcome the new Niagara Falls record, Sequence of Prophets, into the world!  

We are incredibly psyched and humbled to be sharing this celebration with YAHOWHA 13 (first Philly show EVER!)  and the fascinating, ever-morphing entity that is KOHOUTEK.  

Come and  experience the new record, live in its entirety, and pick up some limited edition vinyl to take home.

Wednesday March 25th, 2009


Johnny Brendas 1201 Frankford Ave.
Philadelphia, PA  9pm. $10

Is it nu-age?

Fire Museum Presents: The Alliance Tour 
Sunday, March 15th 8pm $5
Brickbat Books
709 South Fourth Street Philadelphia, PA

Stellar OM Source (Holland)  Washes of electronic waveforms toss you to and fro, beyond and back, over and yonder. The concoction perhaps recalls your favorite kosmiche stew of yore, but all the ingredients are now. Christelle Gualdi is Stellar Om Source. After some really great collaborations with members of NNCK, Tony Conrad, Thurston Moore, Embryo, The Skaters, Kuupuu and Uton, she’s undertaking a short solo tour of the east coast to celebrate her most recent solo record on Black Dirt Records.

Infinity Window (Brooklyn) duo of Taylor Richardson (Prehistoric Blackout/Sunburned Hand Of The Man/Purple Haze) and Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never)  “Well beyond ‘mere’ drone/loop automating, this is deeply focused, sensual tone float that combines the most mind-altering new age specifics with Industrial grime and sensual dream logic. Beautiful and highly recommended.” -Volcanic Tongue

Mark McGuire (Cleveland)  ”Solo guitar and tapes from Mark McGuire of Emeralds in a heavy minimalist proto-Europe Endless/Kraftwerk style, with delayed arpeggio guitar chopped into melancholy metronomic waves that provide a beautiful backwards transport. Some of the guitar playing reflects on such classy F/X inflected moments as Cul De Sac’s “Doldrums” but there’s also a weird, UK folk aspect that would join the dots between Flying Saucer Attack and Nick Drake.” –We Are Up for Sale

Enumclaw (Philadelphia)  Kicking off the jams this evening is Fishtown’s pride and joy, Enumclaw (aka Norman Fetter of Niagara Falls). This is some of the toastiest mind-melt you’ll come across, show up “fashionably late” to this one and you’ll be taunted over missing such sonic sorcery.



Niagara Pre-Orders


Ok family, we’re going to try something new with this upcoming Niagara Falls record.  You can pre-order it right here, and we’ll ship it to you on February 17th.  Sound good?  Great.  Included with this fine piece of vinyl is a coupon for a free digital download, which has been beautifully provided by Apollo Audio.  

We’ll be performing the album in its entirety on March 25th at Johnny Brendas, in Philadelphia.  Joining in the celebration will be the mighty Kohoutek, as well as YahoWha 13, who are on their first tour in a long, long time!  This night is going to be truly amazing.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009  8pm, $10
Johnny Brendas, Philadelphia, PA

YaHoWha 13
Niagara Falls