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not yeti

I’ve been reworking ye olde Honeymoon Music Shoprite Emporium, and it’s now up and running, and fully functional. You’ll find handy pages for each release with pertinent info.

Also just added to the Distro section is a fine, fine disc from the Portland, OR based band Not Yeti, which contains our own Jason Schmidt of Stainless Japan. The band released this disc under their own Spiritual Invertebrate imprint, and it’s quite a wonderful first release. You can pick one up right over here.

Check the track “Hyjinx”

Niagara in the Studio

Niagara Falls in the Studio from honeymoon music on Vimeo.

I have some hot images back up in the Gallery. Peep work from Ryan Deemer, Lauren Luloff, and Erich Breimhurst.

Palimpsest Piles up Deeply

projections by splendor solis
Happy new year lovers, and sincere wishes for a prosperous 2008 to you all! In lieu of making a “Best of 2007″ list, I’ve been involved in a mass copying and pasting ritual here on the Honeymoon site. Going back through all the old news posts from before we were all up in the web 2.0 business is bringing back some deep, vintage memories. I’m still looking for the news items from June 2004- November 2005, but here are some choice entries from what’s been unearthed so far.

Winter Renovations et Enumclaw vids

Deep in the process of some retooling around here. Hopefully adding some features, deleting the lame ones. It’s all happening very much in real time, which means you can expect non-fatal accidents, gaper delays, and errors of all kinds, as a result of my limited css, etc knowledge. The site’s been hibernating a bit, and so have we, but promise to get back in the saddle soon. Oh, I found these Enumclaw vids for yr pretty eyes. Will you enjoy them, please?

Enumclaw from Mark Schoneveld on Vimeo.

Enumclaw Live from Mark Schoneveld on Vimeo.

Stone Valley and More Sidebar Action

We’re getting so psyched for the Catalpa Lodge Music Festival. This jam is a Deep Water Acres production, and promises to be a very vibed out event taking place in the ridges and valleys outside of State College in raw Central Pennsylvania. Check out the full line up and more info on making reservations here.
Niagara Falls will be in full effect, and I’ll be debuting solo as Enumclaw.

Deep Water Acres is an online music/life zine run by some very rad dudes. In addition to the zine, DW is also a cdr label that in only a few short years has released some deep searching sounds, including the last record by Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls Plays Spiral Isles, which is available in our Distro Shoppe.

From that DW release, the track, “Acid of Ants” is included in our new Honeymoon Player which you’ll find in the sidebar to your right. I’ve been searching right mp3 player for awhile, and have settled on this one. It does the basics without being too preachy or gaudy. I’ve been thinking of making up band specific players for each of the band pages, instead of having all the tracks together in one player, but I also like being able to scroll through all of the tracks together. What do you guys think, one biggie player, or separate ones?

One may also now browse through the Honeymoon Flickr Page with our new easily clickable Flickr Badge, also conveniently located in the sidebar to the right. The ‘77 VW bus in the pics may or may not be for sale, make me an offer. Yow!


Family, friends, lovers, humans, at this moment of birth and rebirth, we present to you Honeymoon Music, version deux! Here we are, having found our way into the world of web 2.0, the blog-o-sphere, or whatever hot phrase suits you. Gone are the days of static, unchanging pages. Now is the time of dynamism! Ho! We’ll be updating more often, and will have other sweet treats for you in the coming months.

Feel free to browse around, register to comment, etc. Let’s commune, here and now. If you encounter any bugs, problems, or feel like you just want to offer a personal critique of the new site, please send your message to norman (at) honeymoonmusic (dot) com. Much re-tooling is bound to happen during the next few weeks, so please bear with us. We really look our best in Firefox or Safari, if you’re still using Microsoft IE, you’ll probably see some glitches here, there, and everywhere. Dump that crunk browser.


ryan deemer niagara falls zwei
Happy Holidays, and we give you gifts of Ryan Deemer paintings, just added to the Gallery, and Niagara Falls’ new album “Zwei” just added to the Shop.

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