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New Enumclaw Vid

First video for the upcoming Enumclaw record, Opening Of The Dawn.  We’re doing this one on vinyl with free mp3 downloads.  Pre-ordering coming soon.  


Niagara in the Studio

Niagara Falls in the Studio from honeymoon music on Vimeo.

I have some hot images back up in the Gallery. Peep work from Ryan Deemer, Lauren Luloff, and Erich Breimhurst.

Palimpsest Piles up Deeply

projections by splendor solis
Happy new year lovers, and sincere wishes for a prosperous 2008 to you all! In lieu of making a “Best of 2007″ list, I’ve been involved in a mass copying and pasting ritual here on the Honeymoon site. Going back through all the old news posts from before we were all up in the web 2.0 business is bringing back some deep, vintage memories. I’m still looking for the news items from June 2004- November 2005, but here are some choice entries from what’s been unearthed so far.

New Year’s Eve…2004

Backyard Honeymoon Compound percussive fire action back on New Year’s Eve 2004. Wow, three years ago. Carrie filmed this with a hand-held still camera, check that vintage quality! Thanks Carrie! Cole’s in there, and so is Tom, Jeff, Nat, Jason. Who else was there?

NYE 2004 from enumclaw on Vimeo.

Winter Renovations et Enumclaw vids

Deep in the process of some retooling around here. Hopefully adding some features, deleting the lame ones. It’s all happening very much in real time, which means you can expect non-fatal accidents, gaper delays, and errors of all kinds, as a result of my limited css, etc knowledge. The site’s been hibernating a bit, and so have we, but promise to get back in the saddle soon. Oh, I found these Enumclaw vids for yr pretty eyes. Will you enjoy them, please?

Enumclaw from Mark Schoneveld on Vimeo.

Enumclaw Live from Mark Schoneveld on Vimeo.

Kaleidoscopic Eyes

Niagara Falls Live from Mark Schoneveld on Vimeo.
Oh damn! Another new Niagara vid, posted by our man Mark. This one’s from the recent show at Johnny Brenda’s, here in Philly. Peep Erich working the beginning stages of what will be our Voltron-esqe, trash-picked Gamelan, as well as a few of Sam’s new handcrafted fun trick noisemakers. Thanks Mark.


For a few months now, Noah (of Niagara Falls & The Molecules) and Ashley have been hosting one of the most vibed out nights in the city of Kensington. They call their scene The Kaleidoscopic Eye (check the sweet flyer from a previous night by Bob Howsare above), and they throw down every other Tuesday at the previously sleepy LOST BAR OF ATLANTIS on the corner of Frankford and Haggert, in previously blood drenched Kensington, Philly. Tomorrow, July 31st, I’ll be joining them for a night of jams of the Kraut variety, in addition to their rad blend of “the finest selection of 60’s international psych, garage, freakbeat, Italiano beat, and Tropicalia in the city of PHILADELPHIA.” Stop by and say, “Vibe”.

Niagara at Dusk

Niagara Falls Live 6/30/07 from (( magdalenus )) and Vimeo.

Hot new Niagara footage from David and Gillian’s anniversary party at the Compound on 6/30/07. Thanks to Mark for capturing it. Stroll on over to his live music blog to see more vids.

The Ball Rolls On…

Less talk, more rock

With Moondog